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Unify, streamline, and empower your manufacturing processes with a smart connected worker ecosystem.

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Plant OEE

82 %

Smart tracking
Line 3 - Cleaning 54%
Skill compliance 86%

Connect all departments
on their journey to
digital manufacturing mastery.

Embrace a digital transformation that resonates across every department with Maecos. Our platform converges tasks, media, instructions, checklists, and actions into a singular ecosystem, setting the stage for streamlined workflow management, error reduction, and empowered operations.

Why Choose Maecos?

In a competitive market, having a distinct edge is crucial. Maecos provides that edge by offering a meticulously crafted platform focusing on operational excellence and seamless integrations.

Our comprehensive, autonomous solution streamlines manufacturing processes, reduces errors, and empowers operators.

User-Centric Design

Maecos is designed with user experience at its core, ensuring an intuitive interface and easy navigation, making adoption smooth and straightforward for your team.

Customizable Solutions

We understand that every manufacturing environment is unique. Maecos offers customizable solutions to cater to your specific operational needs.

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to providing continuous support and training, ensuring you make the most out of your investment in Maecos.

Secure and Compliant

With robust security protocols, Maecos ensures your data is securely handled and compliant with industry standards.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected and maintain operational oversight even on the go with Maecos' mobile-responsive design.

Not just a platform

We are your partner in achieving manufacturing excellence. Explore the transformative potential of Maecos for your operations.

Holistic Operational Modules

Our core modules encompass a wide range of operational needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution for modern manufacturers.

Seamless Data Synchronization

By integrating crucial data points, Maecos ensures a seamless flow of information across your operations, aiding in precise decision-making.

Robust Machine Connectivity

T Our platform facilitates effortless connectivity with your machinery, harvesting essential data to drive productivity and predictive maintenance.


Core Features & Integrations

Key features

  • Factory Feed & Notification Management
    Stay updated in real-time with essential notifications and factory feed that keep you in the loop of every critical event.
  • Checklist, Audits & Assessments
    Ensure compliance and quality control with easy-to-manage checklists, audits, and assessments.
  • Logbook & Issue Management
    Track, manage, and resolve issues efficiently with our intuitive logbook and issue management tools.
  • Action Manager & Work Scheduler
    Streamline work schedules and action items to optimize productivity and meet deadlines.
  • Learning & Skill Management
    Empower your workforce with continuous learning and skill management features.
  • DMS & Troubleshooters
    Access critical documents and troubleshooting guides effortlessly when needed.
  • Dashboards & Meeting Management
    Make informed decisions with interactive dashboards and streamline your meeting schedules for effective communication.


Feature Spotlight

Explore a selection of standout functionalities that position Maecos as your go-to platform for manufacturing excellence.


Push relevant data
to operators on the line.

Capture pictures, share video footage, automatically push downtime or manually record outages in a digital equipment logbook. Accessible everywhere for all stakeholders, this application helps employees to communicate details faster than before across all disciplines of manufacturing.

  • Personalized feed for every operator
  • Collaborate via integrated chat
  • Action management and root cause analysis included.
Skill Centric Learning Management System (LMS)

Raise team performance
with continuous learning practices.

The Maecos LMS enables blended learning to ensure your employees are qualified to do their jobs. Plan trainings, push skills, track gaps, qualify online, demonstrate on the job. The training module is designed with manufacturing context in mind and offers skill management and analysis for your teams.

  • Self-paced and scheduled trainings
  • Blend online courses with on-the-job and classroom training
  • Use the powerfull skill matrix to perform skill-gap analysis for current and future situations
Issue management

Turn hurdles into stepping stones with streamlined issue tracking.

Effortlessly document, prioritize, and track issues from inception to resolution with Maecos' Issue Management module. A centralized hub for all operational concerns, enabling a smooth transition from problem identification to solution implementation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Pin crucial updates for enhanced visibility
  • Tailored publishing to specific teams or skill levels
  • Engage and evaluate with rich post analytics

Centralize and Streamline Your Company Communications.

Maecos Updates serves as a feature-rich company feed, aggregating newsletters, announcements, and crucial updates in one centralized hub. With targeted and scheduled publishing, effortlessly manage who sees what and when. The integrated message editor and post analytics further enhance your internal communication strategies, ensuring a well-informed and engaged workforce.

  • Self-paced and scheduled trainings
  • Blend online courses with on-the-job and classroom training
  • Use the powerfull skill matrix to perform skill-gap analysis for current and future situations

Highly Competive Rates

Connect your entire plant or team with Maecos and pay only for what you actually use.

Get 10% discount on all prepaid plans.

14,00 /user/mo
  • Checklists
  • Logbook
  • Issues
  • Pay for active
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LMS Add-on
2,50 /user/mo
  • LMS Add-on
  • Pay for active users only
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